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Full-Time Nanny

A Full-Time Nanny will allow you to juggle a busy job, or simply support you with an extra pair of hands around the family home.

They provide the ultimate support for your family throughout the week - all whilst providing the highest quality childcare for your children.

All Sunrise Nannies are:

- Childcare professionals

- Interviewed and vetted by our owner, Carly

- DBS checked

- Continually referenced checked

The Role of a Full-Time Nanny

We understand the requirements of every family are unique.

We listen to your needs to ensure we find the right nanny for you.

The role of your Sunrise Full-Time Nanny will typically include:

·       Arranging an educational and age appropriate day

·       Preparing healthy and nutritious meals

·       Nursery or school drop off and pick up

·       Taking children to activities, play dates and events

·       Children’s washing and ironing

·       Tidying and organising children’s bedrooms and/or playrooms

·       Support with other household tasks (as required, and agreed with your nanny)


A Full-Time Nanny will typically work from 38 hours - all the way up to 70 hours - per week.

The hours of your Sunrise nanny can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your family.


We recommend a Full-Time Nanny receiving between £10-£20 per hour.

The agreed hourly rate for your nanny will vary based on:

-       Qualifications and experience of the nanny

-       The hours they are required to work

-       Their roles and responsibilities

-       Location of your family home

We will work with you to recommend the set salary for your nanny, based on your requirements.

Registration Fee

There is a charge of £30 to register with Sunrise.

As soon as you’re registered, we can use our network of vetted nannies to fill your childcare vacancy.

Agency Fees

You will only pay agency fees once we have successfully placed a nanny for you.  

Our fees for a Full-Time Nanny are set at 10% of your nanny’s annual gross salary.

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