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Welcome to Sunrise Nanny Agency.

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Hi, I’m Carly, the founder of Sunrise Nanny Agency - welcome!

I have dedicated my entire professional career to childcare, and I have over 20 years’ experience in the field.

I've worked as a Professional Nanny and Childminder and I have held childcare roles within schools and nurseries. I also teach the Professional Nanny Training course.

In 2005, I founded Sunrise Nanny Agency.

I had noticed a real need in the industry for an agency who represents only the best childcare professionals, and puts families first.

I'm extremely proud that Sunrise became that agency.

Today, I am as passionate as ever about connecting families like yours with quality, trustworthy childcare. As a busy single parent, I know how life-enhancing good childcare can be - for everyone in the family.

I come from a long line of childcare professionals, so you could say it’s in my blood!

My mother is a registered Nanny with Sunrise. My Great Aunt was one of the first ever professionals to complete her the NNEB childcare qualification, and my Great, Great Grandma was a nanny in 1880.

My qualifications include:
Special Needs
Creative Play
Maternity Nursing
Sleep Consultancy

Outside of work, I have a great passion for the outdoors and I love spending time with my two children - juggling work and play with a smile on my face.

I look forward to connecting with you and working with your family.

...thank you once again for finding us such a lovely nanny.



...excellent service. I’m very happy.


Talbot Woods


Our Services

A comprehensive range of childcare services to support every family.

Maternity Nurse

Specialising in the care and support of mothers and newborn babies.

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Sleep Consultant

A Sleep Consultant trains your baby or child to sleep for 12-hours a night.

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Live-in Nanny

A Nanny who lives in your home and provides the ultimate support for your family.

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Full-Time Nanny

A Nanny who provides childcare and supports your family on a full-time basis.

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Part-Time Nanny

Childcare for the most fundamental times of day for your family.

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Holiday Childcare

Professional childcare to support you during your stay in Dorset.

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Night Nanny

A Night Nanny will support your child's night-time routine and watch over them while they sleep.

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A professional Babysitting service provides complete peace of mind during your child free time.

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Temporary Nanny

Quality childcare to support you when you need it most.

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Wedding Nanny

Wedding childcare for support on your big day.

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Event Nanny

Professional childcare for the children at your events.

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Weekend Nanny

Childcare to support your weekend needs.

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Rota Nanny

Highly experienced, round the clock childcare.

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Junior Nanny

Handpicked childcare professionals at the start of their career.

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Proxy Parent

A childcare professional who acts on your behalf and provides round the clock care for your child.

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Country Nanny

Specialising in childcare within a rural setting.

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Baby Nanny

One to one specialist childcare for your baby.

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Ofsted Registered Nanny

Nannies who are Ofsted registered enable parents to use their childcare vouchers.

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Ad-hoc Nanny

Supporting you with quality childcare as and when it's needed.

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School Holiday Nanny

Childcare for school holidays throughout the year.

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Daily Nanny

Supporting you with quality childcare on a daily basis.

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After School Nanny

Professional childcare for the afternoon and early evening.

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Before School Nanny

Childcare for the morning routine and the school run.

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Maternity Nurse

Perfect for growing families.

Holiday Childcare

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