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Sleep Consultant

The restorative benefits of a good night’s sleep are fundamental for any family.

Yet, we know that achieving a good sleep routine can be one of the most challenging, and exhausting parts of parenthood.

If sleepless nights have become your new normal, a Sleep Consultant can help you.

They will listen to your needs and use their expertise to support your baby or child to sleep for 12-hours each night.

That means a peaceful night for everyone.

All Sunrise Sleep Consultants are:

-  Qualified Sleep Practitioners

- Interviewed and vetted by our owner, Carly

- DBS checked

- Continually referenced checked

Finding your Sleep Consultant

Carly, our agency owner is a qualified sleep trainer. She will listen to your needs and walk you through a sleep questionnaire to establish the best sleep consultant for your family.

We will arrange for a sleep consultant to make a home visit or a video call -  depending on your preference. During the consultation they will focus on your sleep concerns and provide practical advice and guidance to support your child or baby’s sleep.

Sleep issues are normally resolved within five nights.

A Sleep Consultant can help with all sleep concerns, such as:

  • Frequent night-time waking
  • Nightmares
  • Night terrors
  • Sleep walking
  • Poor bedtime cooperation
  • Bed wetting
  • Sleeping in parent’s bed
  • Early waking
  • Weaning off breast

There is also an option for you to sleep train your baby or child yourself, using your Sleep Consultant’s tool kit and guidance.


A Sleep Consultant will usually spend 12+ hours per night sleep training your baby or child.

Their hourly rate starts from £12 per hour* for a single baby/child, and up to £25 per hour* for multiple babies/children.

*45p per a mile is charged for sleep consultants travelling over 15 miles.

Please note - times can be flexible based on your family’s individual plan and requirements.

Registration Fee

There is a charge of £30 to register with Sunrise.

Upon registering, we ask you to complete a comprehensive sleep questionnaire and discuss your requirements with Carly, our qualified sleep trainer and agency owner.

Additional Costs

Our fee for placing a Sleep Consultant is £220. This includes your initial home visit and sleep routine tool kit.

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