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Night Nanny

Night Nannies are very popular for parents with young babies - though they can take the night-time reins for children of any age.

They will put your child to bed and supervise them while they sleep. Giving you not only peace of mind, but a restful night’s sleep too.

Our Night Nanny service is also available for families who are on holiday in the area.

All Sunrise Nannies are:

- Childcare professionals

- Interviewed and vetted by our owner, Carly

- DBS checked

- Continually referenced checked

The Role of a Night Nanny

We understand the requirements of every family are unique.

We listen to your needs to ensure we find the right nanny for you.

The role of your Sunrise Night Nanny will typically include:

·       Implementing a manageable evening and night-time routine for your baby/child

·       Sleeping in baby/child’s room where required

·       Supervising baby/child as needed throughout the night

·       Providing feeds at night or bringing baby to mum

·       Winding baby after feeding

·       Sterilising feeding equipment

·       Changing baby’s nappies

·       Supporting the morning routine, including preparing breakfast (if required)


A Night Nanny will usually work from 9pm-7am.

However, they can be flexible on the hours they provide - based on the needs of your family.

A Night Nanny can support you from one to seven nights a week.


The rates for a Night Nanny typically start from £12 per hour.

The agreed rate for your nanny will vary based on:

-       Qualifications and experience of the nanny

-       The hours they are required to work

-       Their roles and responsibilities

Registration Fee

There is a charge of £30 to register with Sunrise.

As soon as you’re registered, we can use our network of vetted nannies to fill your childcare vacancy.

Agency Fees

You will only pay agency fees once we have successfully placed a night nanny for you.

Night Nanny fees: £50 for one night

Night Nanny fees: £70 for two or more nights (over a 7-day period).  

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