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Maternity Nurse

We know the early days with a newborn is a magical, yet challenging, time for parents.

Our Maternity Nurses specialise in the care and support of mothers and newborn babies. They bring expert guidance, reassurance and hands-on help into your home.

With a Sunrise Maternity Nurse, you will feel supported and empowered - with more time to enjoy those precious moments with your baby.

All Sunrise Maternity Nurses are:

- Highly skilled baby experts

- Interviewed and vetted by our owner, Carly

- DBS checked

- Continually referenced checked

The Role of a Maternity Nurse

We understand the requirements of every family are unique. We listen to your needs to ensure we find the right Maternity Nurse for you.

The role of your Sunrise Maternity Nurse will typically include:

·       Advice and guidance for parents on caring for a newborn baby

·       Help establishing a manageable 24-hour routine for baby and parents

·       Support and guidance with feeding baby by breast or bottle, (including cleaning and sterilising feeding equipment)

·       Help setting and implementing a good sleep routine for baby

·       Providing practical help and support, with full care of baby including winding, nappy changing and bathing

·       Help with baby’s laundry and keeping baby’s nursery clean and tidy

·       Providing Mum with light meals and drinks.  


Your Sunrise Maternity Nurse will support you in your home, 24-hours a day. This is usually for 5 to 6 days a week.  

At home a with a Maternity Nurse

A traditional Maternity Nurse lives in your home and will have their own room. They usually have baby sleeping in with them at night, but only if this is your wish as parents. Your Maternity Nurse will wake up during the night and bottle feed baby, or bring baby to Mum to be breast fed.  

Your Maternity Nurse is on call 24-hours a day. They are entitled to rest periods during this time, enabling them to recuperate and provide you and your baby with the best possible support. Rest periods are taken at mutually agreed times, usually for 2-3 hours within a 24-hour period. They usually have a minimum of one full day off a week. Although this is negotiable.


A Live-in Maternity Nurse starts from £240 for 24-hours.

A Daily Maternity Nurse starts from £14 per hour.

Rates for a Maternity Nurse will vary depending on the number of babies to be cared for, the specific roles and responsibilities required, and the location of work.

Registration Fee

There is a charge of £30 to register with Sunrise.

As soon as you’re registered, we can use our network of vetted maternity nurses to fill your vacancy.

Agency Fees

You will only pay agency fees once we have successfully placed a maternity nurse for you.

£70 per week for a Live-in Maternity Nurse

£50 per day, or £70 per week, for a Daily Maternity Nurse

Maternity Nurse Extra Skills

Our Maternity Nurses offer a range of extra skills including:

·       Baby massage

·       Breastfeeding support for twins and multiples

·       Reflux advice  

·       Colic advice

·       Allergy advice  

·       Special needs support and advice

·       Support for premature babies

·       Support for twins and multiples

·       Support for postnatal depression  

·       Support with child siblings

How long will my Maternity Nurse stay?

A Live-in Maternity Nurse can support you in your home for 2 to 24 weeks. They are very flexible and will work in line with your family's individual requirements.

A Daily Maternity Nurse can come on a one-off occasion, or a regular basis.

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